Social Services

Whānau Whānui

Our social services support whānau through a range of health, learning and safety focussed home visit programmes. Our services include assistance with family violence referrals and restorative justice support, to help whānau improve their circumstances and give their tamariki a better start in life.

Our services

Family-Centred Direct Services

Restoring family and wellbeing where family violence has, or is at risk of occurring.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a process that aims to put things right for the people involved and affected by the offence.

Community Connector

The Community Connector will provide connections and direct support to whanau so they can access information and services in the community

Family Start

Family Start is an early home visiting programme, focussed on pēpi and taitamariki.

About Ngāti Hine Health Trust

Te Mātiro Angamua

Ko Ngāti Hine e ngunguru nei

Our vision statement gives Ngāti Hine Health Trust the ability to advocate for whānau and community, while being accountable to those we serve.

Te Pūtake

Me ū ki te Tū o Ngāti Hine, ko te oranga te take

We will holdfast to the values and tikanga that underpin Ngāti Hine as we endeavour to uplift the wellbeing of our whānau, hapū and hāpori.