Mental Health & Addictions

Te Hononga Hou

Te Hononga Hou Mental Health and Addictions Service work with whānau with mental health, drug or alcohol issues.

We offer

  • Two drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation facilities
  • A community mental health co-ordination service
  • Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) intervention and rehabilitation 
  • Meth intervention
  • Mental health support 

At our two drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation facilities, residents complete a comprehensive 16-week in-house and 16-week outpatient rehab support programme. Te Waiwhenua has accommodation for seven wāhine, and Te Hurihanga can accommodate seven tāne.

Our services

Te Ara Oranga - Methamphetamine Demand Reduction

Te Ara Oranga provides intensive engagement and support to people with methamphetamine problems and their whānau and facilitate their journey into treatment.

CADS Child and Youth AoD Community Service

Kaupapa Māori clinical and non-clinical support for children and youth.

He Kākano Ahau

This service provides easily accessible and immediate support to address the needs of taitamariki experiencing distress.

Te Hurihanga

A 16-week kaupapa Māori residential rehabilitative programme.

He Waka Toki - Community MH and AoD Programme

About Ngāti Hine Health Trust

Te Mātiro Angamua

Ko Ngāti Hine e ngunguru nei

Our vision statement gives Ngāti Hine Health Trust the ability to advocate for whānau and community, while being accountable to those we serve.

Te Pūtake

Me ū ki te Tū o Ngāti Hine, ko te oranga te take

We will holdfast to the values and tikanga that underpin Ngāti Hine as we endeavour to uplift the wellbeing of our whānau, hapū and hāpori.